Aircraft Rebuilding and Restoration

Do you have an antique aircraft a war bird or any other aircraft you would like rebuilt or restored? If so you have come to the right place. Belle Fourche Aero LLC can handle all of your restoration and rebuilding needs.

Now the question is do you want a restoration or just a rebuild? There is a difference, the airplane restoration will be far more extensive and also be more expensive while the airplane rebuild will make the airplane look like new and be airworthy but may not be as original as the restoration. Belle Fourche Aero is fully capable of doing either for you.

If you are just looking for an aircraft rebuild we will do everything necessary to make the airplane airworthy and legal. We will do whatever is needed to bring the airplane back to original condition and do any modifications you may want or need. During the rebuild process we will replace any damaged parts with new if they are available or repair the parts as necessary according to FAA standards. When your aircraft rebuild project is done it will look and fly like a new airplane.

If an antique aircraft restoration or a war bird restoration is desired or even a classic aircraft restoration is needed we can also do that. As I said above this will be a far more extensive process. We will need to do research on the airplane and find out what we need to make the aircraft as original as possible. The aircraft will then need to be taken apart and cleaned, then repaired as necessary. It will take great care to be sure everything is done as original as possible. Some parts will need to be fabricated while some new parts may be available. As the airplane is put back together the paint colors will need to be original also. All of the interior pieces will need to be reconditioned also in the materials of your choice. The restoration process is far more than just a rebuild and takes much more time but is well worth it for the antiques and war birds.

Belle Fourche Aero will do any work you need done from minor repairs to major aircraft rebuilding and restorations. We can also do parts of the aircraft also. We can rebuild wings and other components as needed. So as you can see we are capable of most anything you need done.